• Rs.14.50

    Chicken Korma Exquisite taste

    Chicken Korma is a traditional Mughlai dish where bone-in chicken is cooked with spices, onion paste, yogurt and nuts

  • Rs.13.50

    Chana Pulao Order

    Chana pulao is a one-pot spiced, fragrant and delish chana rice made with fragrant basmati rice, melt in the mouth white chana (garbanzo beans), sharp onions, tangy tomatoes, healthy herbs and bold spices.

  • Rs.13.95

    Kabuli Pulao Order

    Pulao can be made with any size grain of rice, which the chef always fries in oil while stirring in large amounts of dry spices. Usually, there will be a chunk of mutton or beef meat, sometimes an entire leg, at the heart of each massive batch

  • Rs.12.95

    Matanjan Order

    Matanjan is meethe chawal or zarda. Mutanjan is a widely popular sweet dish of rice in Pakistan. Matanjan is meethe chawal or zarda chawal with different food colours and sweets